Who we are?

Y-loop Digital Solutions is a fully-virtual digital marketing and innovation agency specializing in social causes and advocacies. We rely on high-quality, research-based insights to deliver effective digital and multimedia solutions for all our clients. We define strategic plans, design campaigns, and develop relationships. We aim for the digital empowerment of growing businesses, and support advocacies that promote inclusive growth.

We are very big on innovation culture, especially because we specialize in digital innovation. Our programs on digital innovation are funded by big funding groups on social causes and advocacies, who believed that our vision of digital empowerment is worth funding. The websites that we have created or helped develop have empowered small businesses who deserve to be included in the digital economy. We have empowered freelancers from the countryside and equip them with digital skills to thrive in the future of work. We have co-developed two mobile apps for sustainability, and are currently developing mobile apps in the areas of mental health, financial technology, e-commerce for indigenous people’s handicrafts, amongst others.

Problem Statement

The problem that we are solving is the digital skills gap among community mobilizers and the rising cost of tech support for development work.

There is a huge disconnect between technologists and business or organization developers. Technologists develop products without having a clear understanding of the customer’s needs – something a business developer is good with. But business or organization developers also have a problem understanding the language of developers, and without this technical understanding, they will have a hard time communicating a user-centric user design – often leading to a product that is not desired by the community, with a low adoption rate, and a waste of investment on the side of the business or organization.

We validated this problem through immersive experiences with community mobilizers – who perfectly know the kind of intervention that works for the community, but do not speak the language of technology and development. I myself have been a part of several community efforts here in the Philippines in the areas of peace, environment, youth empowerment, etc. And I’ve witnessed how things can still be improved when it comes to turning these efforts into digital.​

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Our Vision

We aim for the digital empowerment of growing businesses, and support advocacies that promote inclusive growth.


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